Who We Are

North American Lighting, Inc., is the largest non-affiliated lighting supplier in North America. NAL has been manufacturing lighting products for the majority of vehicle manufacturers in North America since 1983. Our company began as a joint venture and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd., of Japan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest customer satisfaction and value by providing best-in-class lighting products through the integration of people, technology and business systems.

Corporate Headquarters 
Paris, Illinois

NAL moved into new corporate offices in October 2005. We are proud to announce that through various expansion activities, we continue to add manufacturing space and the required in-house support capabilities as we grow.  Muscle Shoals, AL and Paris, IL, we will be adding around 400,000 square feet of space total to the plants as well as create over 500 jobs between the two.

Advanced Forward Lighting Operations
Paris, Illinois

Paris plant is considered the best automotive-lighting assembly plant in the world. This facility houses cutting edge manufacturing technologies and processes while manufacturing new technology forward lighting systems such as HID (High Intensity Discharge) and AFS (Adaptive Forward Lighting).

Forward Lighting Operations
Flora, Illinois

Our Flora facility is where we produce headlamps, fog lamps and auxiliary combination systems.

Signal Lighting Operations
Salem, Illinois

Twenty-five miles west of Flora is our Salem facility where we produce signal lamps such as rear combination lamps, tail lamps, backup lamps, license plate lamps and rear appliques.

Both Flora and Salem facilities are benchmarks as world-class standards for producing best-in-class, high-quality products. At all of our facilities, empowered employees ensure quality through continual education, integrated production cells, JIT/KANBAN systems, and production line fail-safe testing. Our manufacturing process is based on the Koito Production System (TPS), which ensures that costs are closely controlled, inventories are held to a minimum, engineering changes are implemented quickly, and deliveries are on time.

Signal Lighting Operations
Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Our plant in Alabama continues to respond to increasing car production in the Southern Part of the United States. The Muscle Shoals facility produces both signal lamps and headlamps for our customers. 

Technology Research Center
Farmington Hills, Michigan

At the Tech Research Center in Farmington Hills, the close proximity to our customers' design centers allows us to quickly respond to customer needs. The center includes Sales and Marketing, Design Engineering, Program Management, R&D, and a Model Shop. Our in-house styling department acts as a conduit between vehicle stylists and our lighting engineers to translate styling concepts into feasible realities.

Tool Plant
Elberfeld, Indiana

The Indiana Tool Plant is where our employees build new tools, implement engineering changes, and complete emergency repairs for the NAL facilities.

Illinois Equipment Plant
Flora, Illinois

Our newest facility, the Illinois Equipment Plant, builds assembly equipment for all of the NAL manufacturing facilities.  The equipment manufactured at the IEP consists of standard workcells, Hot Plate Welders, Glue workcells, and various other pieces of equipment.

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