April 2, 2020
Valued NAL Team Members,
Thank you, yet again, for taking the time to read another message as I find it important to remain connected with you during our mutual isolation. None of us are in this crisis alone and staying connected, if only through written word, seems of great value. I hope you agree.
The Coronavirus pandemic has turned virtually every aspect of our lives upside down. At NAL our factories are idled with no new model production orders from any customers. The auto industry has ground to a halt, leaving countless companies, NAL included, with no sales revenue to support operations. This stark circumstance has forced NAL’s leadership team to make the hardest of decisions, that of course being unpaid time off due to lack of work. We sincerely regret this course of action and deeply wish it was not necessary. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that NAL must make difficult decisions today so that we can emerge from this crisis and continue the operations necessary for all our livelihoods.
Despite these difficult times, I remain resolute in believing the strength and character of NAL’s Team Members will provide what’s necessary to come out of this situation a better, stronger organization. I have seen many examples of selfless service and sacrifice by NAL Team Members to help others and the community at large. As a prime example, I’d like to again thank the team at the Illinois Equipment Plant for the extraordinary effort in printing 3D face shields for the local medical providers. Additionally, I want to thank the plant locations for donating personal protective equipment to the communities in which they reside. These actions, and many others, demonstrate the heart and character that help make NAL the fantastic team that it is. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!
I am very much looking forward to getting our lives back to normal and being able to see all of you soon, face to face. Being quarantined in virtual isolation is getting old for me, and I’m sure you too. Still, I remain resolved that we’ll get through this. That’s just what great teams do!
Best wishes for your safety and health,
Kirk Gadberry
President and COO
North American Lighting, Inc
P.S. Please continue to check the NAL website for production updates and future messages.


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