Episode 20 : Apr. 20, 2022

Software—the Missing Link for 4D Sensors

Listen to Christine Moon, Co-founder & President of BlueSpace.ai, a revolutionary perception stack for 4D sensors such as FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) lidar and imaging radar. Christine shares how their novel 4D Predictive Perception software behind BLISS (BlueSpace Independent Safety System) delivers on safer and higher performing ADAS/AV. Christine wants to pay it forward to others/listeners, as she was also lucky to have had the opportunity to refine her technical and business chops at various leading organizations including Morgan Stanley, Dropbox, Google, Drive.ai and others. She also weighs in on Burger King vs Taco Bell and bids farewell to Dan.

Hosts — Amit Mehta & Dan Davies

Featuring Christine Moon, Co-founder & President of BlueSpace.ai

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