NAL Apprenticeship Program

The NAL Technical Apprenticeship is a four-year program that helps students kickstart their career without college debt. Apprentices earn a salary and work towards industry specific certifications for a Technician position while completing an associate degree at a partnered college. Students who successfully complete the program will not have to pay any out of pocket costs.

The first two years of the program will consist of a hybrid work and school schedule allowing students to attend classes two days a week and work three days a week to complete their associate degree. After finishing two years of schooling, apprentices are guaranteed at least two years of employment as an NAL Technician, and likely a long career at North American Lighting.

High school graduates or those anticipated to graduate before August 2024, can apply online using the location specific links below. Applications are due Friday, June 28.

Flora, IL Paris, IL Salem, IL Mattoon, IL Muscle Shoals, AL FAME Program

If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact


  • Kickstart your career without college debt
  • Gain skills for an in-demand profession
  • Starting hourly wage of $17.84 and up
  • After obtaining your degree, hourly rate will start at over $25/hour and up
  • Guaranteed at least 2 years NAL Technician position, and likely a long career at NAL

Hear from former apprentices about their experiences. 

“I knew after I graduated high school I wanted to go into engineering, but I just wasn’t sure what field of engineering I wanted to pursue. This apprenticeship has helped me figure out what fields I would and wouldn’t like. As  of now, I am most interested in PLC programming and look forward to continuing my schooling even after the apprenticeship.”

Kaitlyn Inman

2022 Graduate, Full-Time Technician, Paris, IL

“I think the NAL Technical Apprenticeship is a great opportunity for someone coming out of high school and isn’t sure they want to go to college. My favorite part of the apprenticeship program is the ability to go to school without having to give up so much time for work. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from this apprenticeship is how to balance school and work effectively.”

Hudson Garrison

2019 Graduate, Full-Time Tool Room Technician, Salem, IL

“I first learned about the NAL Technical Apprenticeship from a family friend who works at NAL. My favorite part of the program is meeting all the technicians and making friends. One thing that surprised me about the apprenticeship is how helpful everyone is and how willing they are to help me learn and succeed. The top benefits I see of this apprenticeship are getting a degree at no cost, learning about new and upcoming manufacturing machines, and doing something new every day.”

Cody Myles

2021 Graduate, Full-Time Technician, Paris, IL

“My favorite part of this experience is being a tech in different departments and getting to understand the process of building parts. I was surprised to find how much people are willing to help you and how much you can learn and experience through this apprenticeship. Some of the top benefits of the apprenticeship are getting a degree and certificates at no cost to you, and being able to test out different jobs to see what’s best for you. I wasn’t sure about the NAL apprenticeship in the beginning but now that I’m almost done, I’m so glad I did it. It was a great experience.”

Dylan Woodrow

2019 Graduate, Full-Time Technician, Flora, IL

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