NAL Silicon Valley Lab

Sunnyvale, California

Located in California at the epicenter of technology innovation, the NAL Silicon Valley Lab is equal parts angel investor, venture partner, business mentor, and high-tech startup. Our mission is to invest and partner with startups to develop new ideas in the mobility ecosystem. With 80 years of industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise behind us, we are collaborating on new technologies that will transport us into the future. Working with industry partners and entrepreneurs, we’re building a platform for visionary thinking and technical innovation—that will enable us to See Whats Ahead for the next 80 years, and beyond.


Ryosuke Hara

Project Director
Mobility Strategies

Joe Messmer

Business Development

Takayoshi “Tiko” Ishizuka

Takayoshi “Tiko” Ishizuka

Business Development Manager
Smart City & Smart Factory
Eri Culver

Eri Culver

Office Admin

At NAL’s Silicon Valley Lab, we’re focused on bringing innovative technologies to light, and here in the Valley, tech start-ups are at the forefront of innovation. Our mission is to partner with these entrepreneurs and technologists to help them develop and scale new technologies in six key areas of interest to Koito and NAL.

Takeshi (Tom) Masuda

Vehicle Sensors

V2V & V2X

Sensor Fusion

Smart City IoT

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Factory

NAL Silicon Valley Lab

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Suite 280
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