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Are you looking to gain experience in a business or engineering field with a world class leader in the automotive industry? NAL’s summer internship program might be a great fit for you!

Our paid summer internship program offers real world experience to those especially interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry. We offer internships at all of our locations in departments such as, Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Production Management, Purchasing and Sales and Marketing. Our goal is for interns to get an inside look at the automotive industry, grow their professional skill set, and have fun!

See what’s ahead for your career by applying for an internship with North American Lighting, the largest tier one, exterior automotive lighting supplier in North America.

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Hear what past interns have to say about their NAL experience:

I have worked on many different projects during my internship at NAL. One of my favorites tasks has been working with NAL’s scholarship program. As a current college student, I know the impact scholarships can have on your education and it is wonderful to help provide those opportunities to high schools seniors! I have also loved creating different advertising materials to support the Human Resources Team. I have been tasked to create billboards, social media ads and posts, radio ads, and roadside banners. It is very rewarding to drive down the street or scroll on social media and see a design I created. From my first day, the NAL team has been welcoming and helpful! NAL is a wonderful company full of opportunity and I have loved my time as an intern! I would encourage anyone considering an NAL internship to just go for it!

Julia Sonntag: 2022 Public Relations and Branding Intern

My favorite part of the experience was getting to help out with the launches. I was able to see the lines come together from the early stages and watch everything build up. I learned a lot about the manufacturing processes and how much detail really goes into building headlights. I spent a lot of the summer building up test lamps or taking apart old lamps to reuse test parts. I also spent a lot of time using all the equipment to find any faults or needed improvements. I would strongly encourage anyone who enjoys working with their hands and being apart of a great group of people to join the NAL team!

McKenzie Mowrer: 2021 Manufacturing Engineer Intern

If someone is considering an internship with NAL, I would encourage them to apply for it! Internships are so helpful in practical learning and I am convinced that NAL has the best team to train you for anything that could happen. While I am not fully capable of completing each HR task by myself, I can say that I have worked on and been included in everything that our office sees. From simple questions to the FMLA process, benefits, and so much more, I have been included in meetings, conversations, and decisions.

Kaitlynn Haynes: 2021 Human Resources Intern

My favorite part about my summer internship was learning new skills on the job. Tasks that were difficult for me when I started became much easier for me by the end of the summer which was a really good feeling. Now that I am a full-time employee, I am able to build off of the things I learned in my internship which has made for a very easy transition.
Justin Nees: 2019 EE Intern

Through my internship I learned that asking questions can rarely be a negative thing. As an intern, no one expects you to be an expert on everything NAL, but they do expect you to have the tools to be able to learn. Knowing how to ask the right questions is a valuable skill to have as you move through your career.

I was most surprised by NAL’s company culture. Everyone is very friendly and inviting. NAL also has a fantastic activity committee that plans fun events throughout the office. Last fall we had a food truck day and a costume party for Halloween (which I’m pretty sure our President won). NAL offers service days and frequently has events promoting the wellness of employees, such as yoga sessions at the local rec center.

To those considering the NAL internship program, go for it! Classroom learning is great, but hands-on experience is irreplaceable. I recommend going into the interview prepared and confident in yourself, but humble enough to know that you don’t know everything. Express a willingness to learn and bring in new ideas.

Haylee Sigmon, 2019 Production Control Intern, Full-Time Buyer I

I really enjoyed the time spent outside of the department with other interns. It allowed me to build relationships with more than just those I work closely with on a day to day basis. My favorite experience of the summer was touring Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana where I was able to see NAL’s lights installed on American-made vehicles.
Jack Nuxoll: 2019 Manufacturing Engineer Intern

The internship greatly strengthened my skills with the Windows operating system. My main project was computer replacements. IT replaces a certain model of computer every summer. The project consisted of imaging the computer with NAL’s computer image, personalizing the computer with the user’s programs and files, and deploying it to the user. I also helped by completing hands on IT tickets, such as cleaning keyboards, replacing batteries, installing programs, and setting up new hire laptops. Additionally, I compiled data into spreadsheets, such as taking hardware inventory and consolidating quotes on previously purchased CAD machines.

I really enjoyed working in the IT department and felt very welcomed by everyone at NAL.

Emily Hall: 2019 Information Technology Intern

My responsibilities as a program management intern mostly included assisting launch engineers and program mangers during the launch process at different stages. Throughout the internship I learned the launch process for a new lamp, the importance of attention to detail, and how to create countermeasures for issues relative to my department.
Ashton Speitel: 2019 Program Management Intern

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