NAL at CES 2019

January 8 – January 11

9:00am – 6:00pm (PST)

Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall

Booth #3731

At CES 2018, Koito exhibited new technologies that revolutionize the role lighting plays in automotive safety, with demonstrations including Adaptive Driving Beam technology, a sensor-integrated headlight, communication lamp, and smart infrastructure systems. This year, Koito showcased further developments in lighting technology that will drive the mobility ecosystem towards the future. 

Lamp with Built-in Sensor

Optimal Sensor Location in a Smart Design

The KOITO Group will exhibit lamp with built-in LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors, cameras, and micro millimeter wave. By integrating sensors into lamps on four corners of the vehicle, pedestrian and traffic detection is improved, covering 360 degrees around the vehicle and avoiding car accidents under various driving conditions.

Concept Car with Built-in Sensor Lamp

Provides sophisticated design while integrating multiple compact sensors into lamps.

Lamp with Built-in Sensor

Installing sensors inside lamps at optimal positions provides early target detection with 360-degree sensing.

Blade Scan Type ADB Unit

KOITO’s unique ADB, blade scan type ADB, provides seamless light distribution.


DMD type ADB provides seamless light distribution with 1.3 million divided lights.

ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam)

Maximizing Visibility through Seamless Photometry Control

Cameras on the windshield quickly identify both headlights of approaching vehicles and taillights of vehicles ahead, automatically controlling high-beam lighting range. ADB is a headlamp system which ensures wide visibility for drivers while protecting surrounding vehicles from glare.

Communication Lamp

Lighting Human-machine Interface Suited to ADAS and Autonomous Mobility Society

In the autonomous driving society, it is important for drivers to communicate with the surrounding vehicles or pedestrians. Communication lamps will provide more expressive communication with drivers and the surroundings, by informing that an autonomous-capable vehicle is in autonomous mode, or by projecting information on the road.

Mock-up with DMD Unit

Turquoise-colored indicators inform when an autonomous-capable vehicle is in autonomous mode or intends to move or to stop.

Project Images on the Road by Using DMDs

Demonstration of communication between vehicles and drivers or pedestrians using DMD’s road-marking feature with high-resolution light distribution.

Next-Generation Infrastructure Interaction System

Infrastructure-Based Sensing and Connected Solutions to Global Traffic Challenges

By combining city lights and traffic signals with communicating and sensing functions, drivers can acquire a wide range of information such as the location and speed of cars and pedestrians and can communicate with other vehicles or drivers. Through these technologies, the KOITO Group aims to resolve various traffic problems, such as traffic accidents and congestion.

City Light Sensing Technology

Smart city lights with sensors monitor blind spot in areas with poor visibility. They encourage the car to be careful.

Provide Pedestrian Information to Drivers

This infrastructure system is expected to improve safety and prevent traffic accidents.

Interaction among Traffic Signals

Smart traffic signals monitor the surrounding conditions and share information. The information is relayed to cars to help them navigate smoothly.

Providing Traffic Signal Information to Vehicles

This communication is expected to reduce or eliminate traffic congestion, and provide smooth transportation.

The Future of Automotive Lighting

Lighting for Your Safety

Koito is leading the way toward the future of automotive lighting. Built on a solid foundation of safety, Koito has since expanded the role of headlights to styling and branding through aesthetic LED design. To meet the needs of autonomous vehicles, Koito is once again transforming the role of the headlight to serve as the eyes of the vehicle. Koito is integrating high-tech sensors, adaptive lighting control, and artificial intelligence into the headlights to meet the needs of tomorrow’s automotive world.  Koito is also developing projection lighting, turning the headlight into a dynamic tool for pedestrian communication.

Automotive lighting continues to grow beyond its underlying function of safety, playing a crucial role in functional beauty, environmental perception, and communication. Koito plays a key role in this development and continues to pioneer the way toward the future of automotive lighting.

—Dan Davies, Business Development Manager, Mobility

Koito Group, and its fully owned subsidiary North American Lighting, is the world’s leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive exterior lighting. With over 100 years of experience in automotive lighting innovation, Koito has brought pioneering technology including the first LED headlamp to the automotive industry. In addition to headlights and rear combination lighting, Koito also manufactures street lights, traffic lights, and other infrastructure lighting.

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