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Welcome to Mobility Now, the podcast that looks at mobility technology sitting at the edge of today but the center of tomorrow. Autonomous vehicles and other mobility technologies have the potential to reduce road fatalities, reduce congestion, and change the way we experience traveling. Mobility Now interviews key players from startups and industry leaders developing these mobility technologies. Mobility Now is for people new to the industry, students wanting to enter the industry, and others in the industry that would like to keep up on trends surrounding mobility.
Amit Mehta – Host
Amit Mehta – Host

Latest Episode

Venture Debt—What is It and Why Should a Startup Use It?

Listen to Mark Pibl, of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation/SMBC Nikko Securities America Inc, speak about why startups would use venture debt…

Recent Episodes

Software—the Missing Link for 4D Sensors

Listen to Christine Moon, Co-founder & President of, a revolutionary perception stack for 4D sensors such as FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) lidar and imaging radar…

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How LiDAR Senses the World for Cars

Featuring Shauna McIntyre, CEO of Sense Photonics – Shauna followed an interesting path through the automotive industry before entering the startup world with Sense Photonics…

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