January 7 – January 10

9:00am – 6:00pm (PST)

Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall

Booth #5220

NAL at CES 2020

At CES 2020, Koito will exhibit new technologies that revolutionize the role lighting plays in automotive safety, with demonstrations including dual view machine vision, Blade Scan ® ADB, communication lamps, sensor module, smart street lights, and an open innovation exhibition. New this year, Koito and NAL will host a special exhibition in a private room with a focus on visibility support systems in harsh weather and an introduction of compact LiDAR samples for headlamp/rearlamp integration. Advanced registration will be required to visit our private booth. Feel free to contact our Sales representatives for registration.

Dual View Machine-Vision 

The Next Generation Lighting System improves visibility for both driver and camera sensor by making adjustments to forward light intensity.  The optimized light pattern is achieved by combining high speed processing camera with a smart lighting system integrated into the headlamp. The world’ s fastest photometric control has achieved the real time high beam illumination control such as minimization of a shaded area, reduction of reflected light from road signs, etc. The system provides optimal illumination during night time to enhance the vision of driver as well as ADAS camera on the vehicle.

Features and Advantages

Real time high beam control improves driver visibility and prevent glare due to high beam reflected light from road signs.


Built-in-lamp image sensor and high speed F/B of external luminance have achieved real time control of Hi beam.

Blade Scan™ ADB

Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)

ADB is a smart high beam control system that provides enhanced visibility for the driver. When oncoming/preceding traffic occurs the system maintains equivalent illumination to high beam without causing glare to other drivers. The high beam control system uses information from the ADAS camera to turn off or dim high beam segments that would otherwise glare the other drivers. ADB systems are currently widely used on vehicles across all vehicle segments.




BladeScan™ ADB- CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree

Koito provides safety and resilience with “lights.” The BladeScan™ ADB technology uses scanning technology consisting of a rotating mirror and 12 LED’ s. The high resolution ADB is equivalent to matrix ADB systems using hundreds of LEDs. The minimized shaded areas maximize driver visibility providing early pedestrian detection reducing traffic accidents. The BladeScan™ ADB technology won the CES 2020 Innovation Award as an Honoree. Read more about BladeScan™, a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree by clicking here.

Sensor-Lighting Module

Built-in peripheral monitoring sensors for self-driving vehicles into lamps provides safe and comfortable mobility technology.


It provides most optimized view for drivers and in-vehicle camera.

  1. Sensor Module: Sensor modules are equipped with stylish LiDars, cameras, and millimeter-wave radars. Recognized information is not only used to control autonomous driving, but also used to enable pedestrian-to-vehicle communication.
  2. Side Modules: Integrated camera, display and road drawing light. Recognizes people and communicates with the person and the car who draws the boarding guidance and reservation mark.
  3. Road Drawing Light: Quickly informs the surroundings of the behavior of the car, such as starting, retreating, and bending.


Sensors located in four corners of the vehicle allow for 360 degree communication. This can communicate vehicle intention in place of drivers’ eye contact and gestures.

360 Sensing: By installing sensors required for autonomous driving into headlamps and rear combination lamps in the four corners of the vehicle, next-generation lamps detect objects 360 degrees around the vehicle at an early stage.

Vehicle-to-Pedestrian Communication: The information obtained by sensor modules can be used not only for autonomous driving control but also for vehicle-to-pedestrian communications.

Road Projecting Lamps and Vehicle Body Display: Road projecting lamps help pedestrian-to-vehicle communication with facial recognition linked information. For example, in the ride hailing services, the lamps recognize the user and display reservation on the vehicle body and the road.

Smart Sensor

This technology provides stable sensor information by modularizing LiDAR/Camera sensors required for ADB and self-cleaning system into compact package size allowing easy installation.

Features and Advantages
  • Stylish package
  • Functional Beauty
  • Hidden Function
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Compact all-in-one sensor module is achieved by modularizing and electronics control technologies
  • Koito’s unique self-cleaning system saves washer fluid while improving cleaning performance to provide extended optimal sensing performance.

Smart Street Lights

The fusion of street lights and sensors (LiDAR/Camera) provide intelligent traffic information services in anticipation of future mobility needs. Smart street lights provide dynamic surrounding vehicle and infrastructure information for highly sophisticated AD control. Safe Mobility with time saving routes are provided by avoiding traffic and preventing collisions at blind intersections. Demonstration of sensor equipped Smart Street Lights, including surveillance of surroundings and communication with vehicles.  A next generation infrastructure system experience will show how Smart Street Lights can play a significant role in Smart City comfort and safety.

Blind Spots Monitor

Sensors mounted on street lights provide obstacle information in the blind spots for vehicles and encourage them to pay attention. Example: Blind spot information sharing, pedestrian crossing prediction, road debris detection, and road condition info

Traffic Control by Traffic Signals

Relief traffic congestion by sharing traffic information with vehicles through traffic signals. It contributes to the reduction of not only travel time but also frequent acceleration and braking of vehicles.

Autonomous Driving Assist

The smart street light can detect surroundings that are not obtainable by vehicle sensors to support smooth autonomous driving.

Koito Group, and its fully owned subsidiary North American Lighting, is the world’s leading Tier 1 supplier of automotive exterior lighting. With over 100 years of experience in automotive lighting innovation, Koito has brought pioneering technology including the first LED headlamp to the automotive industry. In addition to headlights and rear combination lighting, Koito also manufactures street lights, traffic lights, and other infrastructure lighting.

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