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Headquartered in Paris, Illinois, North American Lighting (NAL) operates nine facilities in seven locations in the United States, and has a subsidiary in Mexico. As a Koito Group Company, we operate according to kaizen management principles, which means we manage, measure and improve everything we do. That’s how in 30 short years, NAL has grown to become the leading tier one supplier of automotive lighting systems in North America.

With nine facilities in North America, our people are our greatest asset. NAL is hiring engineers, supervisors, trainees, manufacturers, interns and a whole lot more!

One thing about NAL that appeals to a lot of people is our stability. We’ve been around for thirty-three years now, and we’re very clearly on a strong growth path. So absolutely there’s job security and great opportunities for advancement, both within a discipline, and cross-functionally into other areas. Here, if you can show a justification for a change that makes sense and is an improvement, you can make it happen. We’re hardwired for improvement — it’s how we operate everyday.

Kirk Gadberry

President and Chief Operating Officer, North American Lighting

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