An Introduction from Joshua Trickett

I got the opportunity to begin my career at NAL in January 2024.  After high school, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps. I went to Monterey, California to study Russian language at the Defense Language Institute. After graduation, I worked as a Russian Cryptologic Linguist and had the opportunity to move to Japan for my first assignment. I lived in Misawa, which is on the northern tip of Honshu, and I still think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. I moved back to the US in 2000, and about a year later, I was recruited to work for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency as an arms control interpreter. I completed a second diploma in Advanced Russian Speaking Proficiency, and moved to Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Over the next few years, I was able to live and work in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, working in Chemical/Biological WMD disarmament. I left the Marine Corps in 2006 and worked for a couple of organizations where I gravitated to training roles, prompting me to go back to school in my late thirties. I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from West Virginia University and went to work for a manufacturing company after grad school.

I quickly learned to love working in a manufacturing environment. I worked previously in healthcare, education, finance, and government, but discovered that manufacturing is a completely different world. The challenges associated with developing a workforce that is constantly innovating and refining processes while navigating internal and external economical challenges and supplier demands are like nothing else. I spent almost seven years working for an aluminum manufacturer when I got the call about this role opportunity. After meeting with some great people and teams, and learning about NAL’s systems and processes, I made the smart decision to accept.

My job as the Assistant General Manager (AGM), Corporate Organizational Development is to develop the systems and people of NAL. My office is in the Muscle Shoals plant in Alabama, but I have had the opportunity to visit the facilities in Paris, Salem, and Flora. There are already great systems in place, and I get to work with teams across NAL to identify opportunities, install improvements, and build on current elements. Some areas of focus revolve around New Hire Orientation, Technician Training, Certified Trainers on the plant floor, a new Learning Management System, Leadership Development, and more. I am excited to work for an organization that values training and development at all levels, and I am excited to work with leaders across NAL to drive the learning culture wherever possible.

Favorite sports team: Washington Commanders
Hobby/past time: I am a huge movie fan, and a home audio electronics buff, so I love watching a good movie or two on the weekend- loudly.
Bucket list item: I want to take a Blackout Night Cruise – a ship that goes deep out to sea for a night or two and goes completely dark, so the night sky is fully visible and free of light pollution.
One food you couldn’t live without: I am a steak guy, so Filet Mignon is my go-to, always.
Favorite NAL lamp: I like the unique shape of the Bronco headlamps.

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