An Introduction to Gwen Kim, Paris Plant’s Human Resources Manager

Gwen Kim joined the NAL Paris Plant as the new Human Resource Manager in September of 2022, bringing with her over 25 years of human resources experience in a manufacturing setting. Gwen is well accustomed to the manufacturing language, schedules, and customer demands associated with the industry. Gwen graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, but quickly learned that engineering didn’t exactly fit her personality. She made the switch to HR and training where she found that her engineering background is advantageous, specifically in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving.

As the new HR Manager of NAL’s Paris Manufacturing Plant, Gwen believes that people should feel valued and respected when they come to work. If Team Members want opportunities to advance their careers, she wants all qualified persons to receive equal encouragement and consideration. She recognizes the challenges of leadership at all levels of the company and believes that we will become even more successful as we proactively address cultural beliefs about “work” and embrace the concept of personal accountability. Gwen says she is most looking forward to advocating for the gainful employment of all Team Members, as well as focusing plant efforts on the retention of our Team Members.

Her schedule is set up intentionally so she is available for both first and second shifts to stop in throughout the week should they need to speak to her about an issue or concern. Gwen maintains an open-door policy and can be found on the production floor periodically as well. Her schedule is posted on her door so that Team Members can plan accordingly.

Those who have already had the privilege of interacting with Gwen know that she is a positive and approachable person. Gwen has set out to make her intentions thoughtful and clear, sharing that all decision making comes from a positive place based on good intentions.

Originally from New Albany, IN, Gwen, her husband, and daughter now live in Charleston, IL. In her free time, Gwen loves bicycling with her family and towing along her special needs adult daughter behind her. It brings her joy to be with her family and see her daughter enjoying the ride with the sun and wind on her face, the simpler things.

Favorite sports team: Pittsburg Steelers
Hobby/past time: Cycling with family and scrapbooking
Bucket list item(s): My husband is from Korea. One day I would like to travel with him outside of the United States. I would also like to continue my travels with my four sisters. We usually pick a destination for each others’ milestone birthdays (birthday girl’s choice) and celebrate together. For my next milestone birthday, I would love to go to a beach.
A song do you know all the lyrics to: “Something to Talk About” by Bonnie Raitt
One food you could never live without: I’m a sucker for sweets and chocolates, especially chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and dilly bars.
Favorite NAL lamp: Toyota Highlander

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