May 1, 2020

Valued NAL Team Members,

I hope this message finds you and your families healthy and safe. I can’t wait until we visit in person versus having to connect through letters like this.  Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time to read another note as I find it important to share updates with you about our ongoing and everchanging situation.

I know how frustrating it must be to learn of so many changes to our production and return to work plans.  The COVID-19 situation is very fluid with the automakers making changes almost daily.  And once again, our customers have pushed out their production dates. Accordingly, we have scaled back work schedules for next week, and are currently scheduling limited production for the week of May 11th. Despite these additional delays, I feel confident that a return to near-normal operations is on the horizon.  We are currently making plans to have a soft reopen of the Paris HQ on May 11th with senior management returning to the office.  This will be followed by middle management and others returning in the following weeks. At FHO we are evaluating our return as we monitor our customer’s plans and the Michigan governor’s orders.  One thing’s for certain, I am looking forward to seeing everyone back at NAL!

Our teams have been working diligently to implement new safety procedures as we prepare for our return.  These activities are part of the health and safety initiatives we commonly refer to as the NAL COVID-19 Playbook.  The various changes outlined in the Playbook will significantly impact our daily work lives.  Your new work environment will look quite different in a number of ways.  Most of you will soon receive a text message from NAL with links to further information from the Playbook about your first day back.

These text messages will include links to information specific to your facility.  If NAL has your mobile number in the HR system (SuccessFactors), you will receive a text.  If you don’t receive a text by Saturday, you may opt-in to this program by texting “NAL” to (844) 976-2617.  We look forward to refining this texting capability so that we can deliver both location-specific and department-specific messages.

As previously mentioned, everyone will receive a health check prior to entering our facilities.  This may take place in the parking lot or at a designated entrance.  The check will include a temperature scan as well as a quick question about any possible COVID-19 symptoms.  Again, the most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and/or sudden loss of taste/smell.  If you are sick or have been possibly exposed to COVID-19, please stay home and contact your local Human Resource Department.  It’s important that we do everything we can to prevent the spread of any illness at this time.

Everyone will receive a face mask when they report to work and are expected to wear it throughout the day.  You will receive further training on your first day about mask options and guidelines as to when they may be removed.  Please understand that your health and safety is our primary concern, and we are following the best practices and protocols found in the automotive industry.

We will make all of the above information, including the Playbook, available at for you to review.

In my last message, I mentioned options to repay missed benefit premiums incurred while many of our Team Members are on Unpaid Lack of Work (UPLOW).  When a Team Member returns to work, he or she will have up to six months to repay those premiums missed while on UPLOW.  Please understand that we can’t extend this option past December 31st, 2020, due to government requirements related to taxes and benefits.  However, we hope this extra time will lessen the burden of added expense upon your return to work.

Finally, I’ve linked a notice specific to our Illinois facilities.  This notice is in regard to face masks that are now required in the workplace effective May 1st.

Again, I hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy.  As we return to work, we will all be experiencing what I believe to be the “new normal”.  Yet, NAL is still made up of the same terrific team that has helped us become the best in our industry.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Best wishes for you all!

Kirk Gadberry
President and COO
North American Lighting, Inc

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