(June 11, 2020) – When the COVID-19 pandemic put a significant strain on the PPE supply available for health care workers, NAL’s Team Members were quick to respond. Exhibiting exceptional customer and community service, they began working on a production process to 3D print face shields to donate to local health care providers.

“Once we publicly shared our ability and plans to use in-house resources and equipment to manufacture face shields, our phones started ringing off the hook with requests,” said Ovie Gaither, Assistant General Manager of Manufacturing Engineering.

PPE production began in March at NAL’s Illinois Equipment Plant in Flora. A few weeks later, two more NAL facilities in Salem, IL and Farmington Hills, MI started manufacturing and shipping out orders as well. NAL delivered their first order on March 31st and has since donated 1,956 face shields to hospitals and health care providers in their local and surrounding communities of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Alabama.

Recipients of the NAL manufactured face shields have expressed their appreciation to the company for using their time and resources to provide protection and safety to health care workers on the front-lines. Although they don’t work on the front lines, NAL’s Team Members saw an opportunity to support those who do by using in-house materials and equipment to manufacture much needed PPE.

Contact:  Kayla Boyll, Corporate Branding Specialist:  217-465-6600 Ext. 7429


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