NAL demonstrates positive stewardship using sustainable measures to recycle concrete.

PARIS, IL. June 21, 2018 – North American Lighting, Inc.’s (NAL) ongoing Paris facility expansion calls for the demolition of over 30,500 ft³ of concrete that will be grinded down and reused as the base for the 35,640 ft³ construction project.

Instead of transporting 97 loads of concrete to a landfill and emitting 34 tons of greenhouse gasses, NAL’s facility and environmental engineers managed a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to recycle the concrete. The existing concrete will be excavated from the southside of the facility, moved northwest of the building, and sent through an on-site grinder operated by Drake Excavating. This crushed rock will then be used as the sub base material for the new floors of the warehouse expansion.

“The repurposed material provides good compaction and avoids sourcing new material from area quarries,” said John Burkett, NAL’s Facilities and Environmental Engineering Manager. “We encourage the use of more sustainable construction methods and recognize our suppliers for our shared commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our activities.”

“This project demonstrates the type of progressive thinking NAL supports to reduce its environmental impact. This was not just recycling pop cans or newspapers, which are good activities, but this shows what can be accomplished when a concerted team effort is put forth,” said Robert Eickhoff, NAL’s General Manager of Manufacturing Engineering. “This project eliminated land fill, reduced the impact to air quality and eliminated the need to excavate additional base layer material, etc.”

The NAL Paris warehouse expansion will be completed in two phases so as not to disrupt shipments or manufacturing work during construction. The first phase began in April and is estimated to be finished by October of this year. The second phase of the project begins in October and will be completed by March of 2019. The excess crushed concrete will be retained and used for future projects.

NAL’s ISO 14001 certified environmental management system challenges the company to be environmentally responsible. In addition to the concrete solution, NAL is implementing further sustainable measures including the installation of daylight harvesting systems, LED lighting in the new expansion, upgraded lighting to LED in existing adjacent assembly space, LVHV (Low Velocity, High Volume) ceiling fans in the new warehouse, a white reflective roof for lower heat gain, and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) controlled air compressors.

About North American Lighting, Inc.

North American Lighting, Inc. member of the Koito Group of Companies, is the largest automotive lighting manufacturer in North America and has been manufacturing since 1983. NAL is a pioneer in vehicular lighting from LEDs to adaptive driving beams, and is now pursuing the latest technology in autonomous driving. NAL’s nine facilities in North America combined with the global network of Koito Group Companies, uniquely positions the company to meet increasing global demands for safe, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and intelligent automotive lighting systems. For more information, visit

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