(February 20, 2020) –KOITO MANUFACTURING CO., LTD. (KOITO) announces that it has acquired shares of Cepton Technologies, Inc. (Cepton), a startup company which designs, manufactures and sells LiDAR for Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and autonomous driving.

For ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles, high-accuracy sensors (such as LiDAR sensors, cameras and millimeter-wave radars) are essential to monitor surroundings. Along with development of lighting technologies to support driver and mechanical visibility, KOITO is working to develop various sensors.

As one of these strategies, KOITO will invest 50 million dollars in Cepton, KOITO’s co-developer of automotive LiDAR, to strengthen their relationship in order to accelerate commercialization of high-performance LiDAR.

Cepton’s high-resolution LiDAR can measure long distances and enables wider range of view by its unique technology. Its scanning techniques are different from conventional ones, such as mechanical rotation and scanning mirrors. Its simplified and durable architecture enables a mirror-less, frictionless and rotation-free LiDAR solution to fulfill high-reliability, manufacturability, and affordable price which is required for automotive components.

By integrating KOITO’s automotive lighting technology and Cepton’s LiDAR technology, the two can accelerate product development for ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles.

Accurate localization (relative distance measurement) and detection of objects (distant vehicles, pedestrians and others) are essential for ADAS and autonomous driving vehicles.

LiDAR measures distance by pointing objects with infrared laser light and measuring the elapsed time of laser pulse to return to its source. Moreover, by controlling laser light vertically and horizontally, LiDAR can measure the distance of a wide range of objects.

The laser scanning technology is the most important technical factor that affects performance of LiDAR. In order to integrate LiDAR into automotive components, high-reliability is required.

KOITO does not expect any significant effects on its consolidated business results for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. KOITO does not include Cepton into its scope of consolidation as a consolidated subsidiary, or a company accounted for by the equity-method.


Contact:  Kayla Boyll, Corporate Branding Specialist:  217-465-6600 


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