FARMINGTON HILLS, MI. (February 6, 2023) NAL’s in-house Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Lab is officially ISO 17025 accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

EMC testing measures the ability for electronics to operate without compromising the operation of another’s circuits or functions. All types of electronics go through EMC testing including cell phones, TVs, tablets, traffic lights, washing machines, etc. to be sure they are electromagnetically compatible. All automotive electronics from car radios to engine controllers are also required to go through EMC testing.

In 2019, NAL decided that it would be beneficial to build an in-house EMC lab to further enhance our development capabilities. Having an in-house test lab allows us to meet customer timing more efficiently versus outsourced labs with wait times often exceeding six weeks. Our in-house EMC lab has cut down our development time by 30-40%.

NAL’s EMC lab is housed in our Michigan office where we conduct electrical and electronic testing to meet OEM requirements. Some of the testing conducted in our labs include Radiated Emissions (RE), Conducted Emissions (CE), Radiated Immunity (RI), Conducted Immunity (CI), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), & High Voltage (HV) ESD.

The ISO certification process usually takes about two years wherein quality manuals, processes, work instructions, training, capability, and internal audits are prepared for accreditation. NAL’s EMC staff completed all the tasks required to obtain accreditation in a timely manner and received their official accreditation in December of 2022. NAL will maintain the ISO 170025 certification going forward.

“The lab lends to NAL’s drive towards quality and efficiency,” said Ted Smith, Electronics Development Manager. “It shows a dedication towards our customers and our Team Members who benefit from having onsite facilities.”

The lab is operated by five technicians, two engineers and additional support staff with more than 100 collective years of EMC experience. NAL is currently hiring a Test Engineer and Technician to work in this niche environment. Interested EMC professionals are encouraged to apply at:

Centering a horn antenna make precise measurements of NAL products.

Setting up conducted immunity testing. Verification of transients and data acquisition setup

Setting up a test to measure radiated emissions to verify design compliance.

Conducting a pulse test to simulate real world stop start testing.


About North American Lighting, Inc.
North American Lighting, Inc., member of the Koito Group of Companies, is the largest automotive lighting manufacturer in North America and has been manufacturing since 1983. NAL has pioneered numerous advancements in vehicular lighting and is now working to incorporate sensing technology into its products to aid in autonomous mobility. NAL’s 10 facilities in North America combined with the global network of Koito Group Companies, uniquely positions the company to meet increasing global demands for safe, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and intelligent automotive lighting systems. For more information, visit us at

The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation:
The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) is one of the largest accreditation bodies in the world providing comprehensive conformity assessment services. This certification proves NAL’s lab is operating competently and generates valid data, thereby promoting confidence in our end product. Accreditation is the best way to ensure our results our accurate and dependable for our customers. This specific certification is for Electromagnetic Compatibility Lab certified ISO IEC 17025. Visit for more information.

Contact:  Kayla Boyll, 217-465-6600 

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